Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Great 25k Giveaway!

Well hot damn if we haven't flown past 25,000 likes on the Heir and Space Facebook page!! It happened so fast it's hard to believe we were at somewhere around 500 two years ago at this time. And to celebrate I'm hosting another giveaway! One of you is going to win this beautiful c.1925 solid poplar vanity table. It's so cute and cheeky and I can't wait to give it away to a lucky winner.
Just like with the other giveaways- a few easy rules.

and remember all you have to do to enter is click below!

And for all my far away furniture-istas, fear not! You can be a winner too! the 2nd prize will be a custom watercolor painting which I can ship to you anywhere in the world! Rules for that are below as well.
GOOD LUCK!!!! Woohoo!!

Da Rules-------

1. I don't ship my furniture. If you live far away and want to enter, that's fine, but you're fully responsible for any shipping costs and logistics.

2. The contest will start tomorrow morning at 8:30am and run until Friday Sept. 2nd at 8:30am at which point some fancy computer stuff that I don't understand will randomly select our two winners and I'll shoot you an email to tell you you're the winner!!!

3.  In order to enter I ask that you just help spread the word about Heir and Space. Tell a friend, share one of my Facebook posts, follow me on instagram (@heirandspace) or like the Heir and Space Facebook page. You can also follow me on twitter but I swear a lot there, so just fair warning. This is on the honor system, and I'm trusting you. You can enter once a day, just share or tell someone or whatever once a day. That's fair right? Totally fair.

*if you live far away and don't want to deal with shipping, don't worry. I'm also hosting a giveaway for a custom piece of artwork, which I will ship to the lucky winner! You can enter that giveaway here! (and YES, you can enter both contests!!)

2nd prize ruuuuuules

1. I will paint you a custom watercolor!!! the piece can be no larger than 9.5" x 7.5", 
but I will custom mat and frame it. I'm pretty good at house portraits, seascapes and landscapes, and total shit at everything else. So choose your requested subject matter wisely. That being said, if you want an atrocious painting of your cat Fluffy, let's do it. 

2. I will cover the shipping charges of mailing the painting to the winner, so feel free to enter, wherever you live anywhere in the world!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

An Antique Oak Dresser in Blue

I'm determined to get caught up on my backlog of blog posts today! For those of you who follow me on other social media, some of this content will be a repeat. For those of you who only follow the blog- Today is your lucky day!!!

I bought this sweet c.1900 solid oak dresser as part of a group from a gal out in the country in Columbia, CT. It is SUCH a pretty drive between my house and hers and I have to say, that is one of my favorite parts of the job. Connecticut is a gorgeous place in every season, and the drives to pick up furniture are always a treat. The drives to deliver furniture, on the other hand, are white knuckle torture sessions as I imagine every possible thing that could go wrong before I get the furniture safely inside the client's house.

           So I knew as soon as I saw this dresser and mirror that I wanted to paint it blue. I mixed up a custom medium blue with a hint of duck egg and highlighted the raised carving on the mirror with a lighter shade. I was so pleased with how nicely the top sanded out, a hundred years of use and now it looks brand new once more. I stained it a honey color and sealed it. I opted to keep the original stamped brass drawer pulls because they're funky and silly and wonderfully Art Nouveau.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Solid Oak Dresser and Mirror in Blue

Can I whine for a minute or two guys and gals? Will you indulge me?
My teeth hurt SO MUCH. I had a broken wisdom tooth that I was actively ignoring, and ignoring and ignoring. And then a dentist told me I needed a double root canal, but I ignored it, cause it didn't hurt and who was $6,000 sitting around to throw at a miserable experience where someone claws at your mouth and tries to murder you via pokey metal instruments for several hours. 
And now both the wisdom tooth and the two molars are screaming at me. I am
And my truck broke on Saturday. I *think* it needs new brakes, buuuuuuut it might also need something else since the grinding noise continues even when I'm not braking. 
Needless to say I'm feeling very sorry for myself. I can't even sip my coffee without lightening jabs of cold white pain. Yay. 

The only way I think I'll ever be able to afford this is to sell all my antiques. The collection I've put together for a decade, the things that I found that were good and good deals (because I could never afford them if they were full price). 

Anyway, here's a dresser. It's a nice dresser. It's solid oak. It comes with a matching mirror. Probably one of you should buy it to help fund my dental torture. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Dresser with Jelly Fish

Ack! I'm sorry, I've been lazy and not posting nearly enough!! I've got a backlog of about seven pieces of furniture to blog about! Pro-tip, when I'm this lazy I still post my new projects on all my other social media fronts as I finish them, so if you want to stay in the loop, be sure to follow me on one of these

Fair warning- I swear a lot on my twitter page.

So back to business. Here's a great solid maple vintage dresser that I picked up from the ReStore in Cromwell last week. That place is fast becoming my FAVORITE furniture source!!

It's a fabulous piece of furniture in great condition, but was a little ho-hum. I refinished the top, painted the case, and then to add a little zip, I hand painted jelly fish swooshing across it.
I've got a new technique for painting detail work on furniture. I've found that by using highly waterlogged acrylic paint I can get a watercolor effect. I paint directly onto the painted ground, then distress the whole thing, then seal it with wax. It's just as durable as the rest of the painted surface!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Vintage Maple Dresser in Yellow

Ready for a fall preview? I am! Pottery Barn put out their Halloween sneak peek this week, and I've already poured through page after page of pumpkin-y goodness. I've got three candles burning on my desk right now: Caramel Apple, Rustic Apple, and Farmhouse Pumpkin, and I'm already dreaming of sweater shopping. It'll be fall before we know it, which is fine by me.

              I picked up this sweet vintage maple dresser at the flea market on Sunday morning and set to work on it right away. It's quite a large piece, both tall and wide, and offers considerable storage in its big deep drawers. For me its greatest charm is in the oversized bracket feet, they're sweet as can be! Often these mid 20th century dressers have smaller, plainer ogee feet, so these bracket feet are a standout- handsome and playful. And with that playful theme in mind, I painted the case in a warm medium yellow, not as bold as a mustard, not as simple as a butter. I kept the original turned drawer pulls, and refinished the top in a classic english chestnut shade. The entire piece is rock maple throughout and not surprisingly and it's nice and solid.